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( Dec. 17th, 2009 01:16 pm)
Our little boy is quite a talker. I've mentioned before that he knows the names of a bunch of different dinosaurs, all his numbers and letters (and he's starting to get them in order now, too - especially if we sign them for him), and lots of shapes and colors. He amazes me.

But sometimes, he just cracks me up, and I wanted to share some of his funny or unique phrases and pronunciations.

* "Sorry, Liam foot!" when he stubs his toe on something, or just "Sorry, Liam!" when he in some other way bumps himself on something.

* "2,4,5 - Ready or Not - SURPRISE!" (sometimes it also includes "Habby Dirthday!")

* His frequent lunch-on-the-go of cheese, pickles, and olives has become known as "oh my," because of a silly joke I made one day recently when he was having it.

* "Hung'y Herbivores!" (his favorite song from Dinosaur Train) ... which now comes complete with little munching sounds when he plays with his new dino playset

* "beach booms" (aka waves in the ocean)

* "bibbit bibbit" (frog noise)

* "G'een agglepas, gyue agglepas." (green pacifier, blue pacifer)

* "Mommy/Daddy/Grandma/ball/other toy or object, c'mere!" (funniest when it's said to an animal or inanimate object)

* "gyeb" = bread

* "yum"/"yee-um" = Liam

I think I'm going to start posting these periodically and make a collection of them, as there are so many things we just don't want to forget!


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