Today ... was not great. Particularly because my Bug threw up hugely in the middle of the grocery store, scaring O and myself with the way he was gasping and choking. We took him to Convenient Care, though, and everything checks out. Here's hoping (PRAYING!) this was just a random occurrence and nothing at all akin to the Stomach Flu of Doom we all suffered in May 2008.

However, all that said... there is STILL positive to be found (in addition to the fact that things were no worse than they are, with regard to Bug's health). We all got our flu shots today (which is also a positive, considering the lack of insurance at the moment - though L is approved for Kid Care starting in October!), and my little trooper of a toddler did not even whimper when he was jabbed with the needle. He handled his shot better than I handled my own, in fact.

Also... I was feeling better enough today to make it to the gym for the first time since Saturday. So yeah, that's positive too!


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