#1. Does anyone have a recommendation of Wii remote chargers that actually WORK and don't suck? We've had two like this from CTA. We returned the first one because it quit working really quickly. Now, maybe 8 or 9 months later, the replacement (which is an updated model because... the first one sucked) also doesn't work properly. :/

#2. I agree with those who've said that the gameplay in Lego Harry Potter is really good. It rates up there with Lego Star Wars, at the very least - I haven't decided which one I actually like more on a strictly mechanics level. (I am biased toward HP rather than SW on a personal level because I actually KNOW the stories a whole lot better.) However... the Wii version of this game is glitchy as HELL. In Year 2 alone, we have had to restart levels three times because something got put into the wrong place and could not be moved from there. And it's not just us - there are reports all over the place of glitches like this. You'd think with the huge delays in its release, they would've had a chance to iron out the kinks before it finally came out!

Don't get me wrong - I am enjoying the Lego Harry Potter. It's just frustrating and annoying to have waited so long for what is still a pretty buggy product.


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