I need a new TV show to watch - ideally via DVDs from the library. My criteria are as follows:

1. I'm looking for "fluff," but GOOD fluff.

2. Characters must really catch my attention and have some depth. If I don't find myself "missing" them after a few days have passed, it's not a good show. Most of what I like (both in TV and books) is very character-driven.

3. Needs to be at least a few seasons old, as I'm hoping to get them from the library, as I said above.

Previous interests that would fit these criteria include Buffy/Angel, Gilmore Girls, Sports Night... and even 90120 back when I was a teenager.
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( Apr. 27th, 2009 08:03 pm)
Finished most of my to do list for today, and still found time to watch a Gilmore Girls episode and make a blog post.

Now to curl up with New Moon (which I am not hating as much as everyone else seemed to) until O comes down from putting L to bed.


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