(bonus points to anyone who wants to send me a mix CD of this type of music)

I am looking for energetic instrumentals to listen to while I am both working out and reading. I have a great Energy playlist for my non-reading workouts (ie, elliptical training), but on days when I'm reading while using the stationary bike, I prefer things without lyrics to distract me. I'm thinking Blue Man Group, Combustible Edison, etc.

I already have the Audio album by Blue Man Group, several tracks by Combustible Edison (Breakfast at Denny's, Carnival of Souls, Call of the Space Siren, In the Garden of Earthly Delights, Laura's Aura, and Short Double Latte), and one song by Mushroom (The Evolution of Smells in an Underground Parking Garage... )

Any other ideas? And places I can get them cheaply (but ideally, legally)?


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