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( Oct. 6th, 2009 11:24 pm)
I spent some of my birthday money today. I bought myself 2 shirts and a skirt at Old Navy, all on clearance. And a bathrobe at Target, also on clearance. And 2 workout DVDs and a camera case, plus two CDs-worth of MP3s (the SK6ERS albums I didn't have yet) on Amazon.

Yay shopping that doesn't cost me any real money. :)
I got a birthday card from my mommy today, with a check enclosed. I haven't totally decided whether I want to just use it as guilt-free spending money, or if I want to save it towards an eventual dSLR camera purchase. I/we spent a small amount today on a $5 skirt for me, two pair of Bug-jammies, and dinner at Moe's. Mmm, Moe's.


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