I was surprised to discover this lengthy graphic novel that follows the adventures of Iko, Cinder's trusted android companion, less than a year after the events of Winter. Cinder sends Iko back to Earth on a secret mission to capture rogue Lunar soldiers and return them to Luna. Iko gets to show off some kickass fighting moves and pursue a possible romantic interest while checking in with all of Cinder's allies on Earth. The storyline isn't resolved by the end of the book, but the fluffy nature of the plot doesn't build much tension; we know Iko and her friends will eventually triumph over the villains, and the only real question is whether she'll get the guy. We also get a teasing hint that we might find out more about Iko's origins in the next volume.
It's so frustrating when you read a fantastic book with a clear setup for a sequel that hasn't been published yet!

The premise of this book is that the daughters/female creations left behind by the famous fictional mad scientists of the 19th century (Jekyll, Frankenstein, Moreau) find each other and team up with Sherlock Holmes to fight crime. If that doesn't sound intriguing enough, it's made even more delightful by the constant interruptions of the various heroines who criticize and argue with the narrator and each other. I love them all.
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([personal profile] kareila Jul. 9th, 2017 12:44 am)
Spider-Man: Homecoming was fantastic, possibly my favorite superhero movie ever. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did... I mean, Wonder Woman was great too, but I have a lot more in common with high school genius nerds than immortal Amazon warriors, so. And the villain wasn't a total maniac, for once.

I figured out enough Python to write the code for Will's program and let him fill in the question and answer data. It only took a few hours, and he was very pleased with the result. Next week I have to start pushing him to do his summer reading book reports, which will be less fun. Hard to believe we're only four weeks away from school starting back.

Connor's new loft is finished, and we bought Will a new mattress today, to be delivered next week. All that remains now is to figure out a new long-term arrangement for the rest of the furniture. I keep hoping that with Will and Connor continuing to sleep in the same room, we can figure out how to turn the other downstairs bedroom into an office or guest room - the kids are too old now to need a playroom.

Robby managed to mess up his car on his way home from work on Thursday by running off the road, skidding through a bunch of mud and scraping up against a pine tree. No idea yet how extensive the damage is, but it's possible we might be looking at yet another car replacement. Good thing we're in a better position to afford another car payment now.


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