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([personal profile] dmsj Mar. 19th, 2010 08:17 pm)

Hi Dawn

Here is how it is shaking out now. We are interviewing 10 people next week,
and then the final 3-4 will meet the President perhaps Friday. I just
really cannot make any statements that will help you. Your move needs to be
based on your decision. I was willing to accommodate you as best as I could
since I wanted a diverse pool of candidates. However, schedules change and
the bottom line is we really need someone in here now and hope that the
person can start on Tuesday, March 30. Perhaps this is not the best
situation for you and your family at this time and I will certainly
understand if you would rather pass on this at this time. If you choose to
do that, please let me know. And then when you get to this area, drop me a
note, as you never know what type of help we will need in the future.

Logistics got in the way again. Following the schedule she would need, I would be in Maryland until Friday, drive for two days back to Florida... to then pack everything up and be moved to Maryland by the following Tuesday. That's just not possible.

Job hunting from out-of-state is hard. :/

Right now, I'm leaning towards continuing work on our own business plan while also searching for work in FL itself. I think that will be easier to manage. I don't want to close any doors, obviously, but that is my current feeling.
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