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([personal profile] dmsj Dec. 25th, 2009 05:34 pm)

I will admit right up front - I did not make it through the day without tears. As much as I'd actually started to look forward to our stay-at-home Christmas plan, it couldn't eliminate the fact that this was the only Christmas in my entire life that I've spent without my biological family. I also blinked back tears at last night's church service because the song, "I'll Be Home for Christmas" is the bane of my existence this year.

But the service last night was a lot of fun. It was a UU play called "The Hopeful Yule Tree," and it was very cute. Because it was a family service, there was no nursery (besides, our nursery director's daughter, whom Liam adores, was in the play), and children were welcome. We weren't sure how that would go, as Bug is rather, well, loud. And active. But he did very well. He was loud a few times, but not in a misbehaving way. Mostly, he stood and colored. And occasionally called out, "Yay!" between songs. He loves music. :)

After he'd gone to bed, we put out all the presents (with a 2-year-old and only a tiny tree, we couldn't have them out ahead of time; he'd have just unwrapped everything, weeks ago):

So he could find it this morning:

We unwrapped some of our presents while watching some Christmas specials - Sesame Street and The Muppets, then webcammed with O's family during and after L's breakfast:

It was after that that I started to feel a little sad. I think seeing everyone else on that side of the family together in England, and knowing that my own side of the family was all together in New York just really hit home. But we opened more presents, watched more TV, and spent time together as a family, and the sadness eventually faded. We also had a yummy lunch of carrots, celery & pretzels with various dipping sauces, including an aioli and some hummus, plus 3 other things O came up with, baguette with brie and summer sausage, and clementines. Plus pumpkin-gingerbread bars, snickerdoodles, and Dove peppermint bark for desserts.

I talked to my Dad, and then my mom & her family, this afternoon. The latter was a little bit bittersweet, as that's where we would normally have been today as well. I did well until my aunt said she missed me. But still, talking to them was wonderful. They put me/us on speakerphone, which let me feel a little bit like we were there together.

We have potatoes cooking now. We're having mashed potatoes and ham for dinner, a nod to tradition in the face of so much non-tradition this year. Generally, though, we've spent the day in our new Christmas PJs, sacked out on the couches:

... or the floor:

(I love this shot. It's now the desktop on my computer.)

We've watched 2 Elmo Christmas specials, a Muppets Christmas special, and Rudolph. We've played Super Mario Bros Wii. We've read books, and eaten yummy food, and talked to loved ones. We've had a day of family time, even if it was just the smallest subset of our family. We've had a relaxing and not at all stressful holiday, and we've absolutely made the best of it.

Oh, and we've enjoyed our loot:

(That is: Dinosaur Roar! in bath-book format, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on DVD, books called Hands Are Not for Hitting and Dinosaur Friends, the Fisher Price Little People airplane, an Elmo quilt, a toy broom, the Melissa & Doug shape-sorting clock and 24-piece dinosaur puzzle, a robin finger-puppet, a personalized phone-sock, seasons 1 & 2 of The Gilmore Girls, Contact on DVD, the first 3 Twilightbooks, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, 101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your First Novel by Prudy Taylor Board, and 12 miniature bottles of Dave's brand hot sauces. Not shown: the aforementioned Mario game, as we opened it last night and forgot to put it in the picture.)

And now it's time for Christmas dinner! I hope you're all having a magical holiday!
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