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( Sep. 24th, 2009 12:40 pm)
Forgot yesterday's Daily Positivity (#6)!

That said, I suppose a lot of this covers it. Yesterday I was very thankful that L seemed to be feeling a lot better than the day before. I was also thankful for the extra snuggles that tend to come along with having a sick little boy.

(FYI, he's back on regular food as of today, and other than some congestion and occasional crankiness, you'd never know it'd ever happened.)

Will be back later with #7 - I prefer to do them at the end of the day, so I can take the opportunity to look back at the day as a whole.
I am very pleased with the amount I/we got done around the house today. I usually save housecleaning for the weekends, figuring it makes more sense to do out-of-the-house things during the week when other folks are working and therefore things are less crowded, but I guess I just felt like it today. I swept and mopped the floors, O cleaned the bathroom countertop, I did laundry. Plus I went to the gym (20 mins. of elliptical) and we got groceries. So yeah, definitely a good, productive day.

I'm feeling a little bit off right now, but I think it's migraine after-effects (yes, I did the majority of the above while fighting a migraine - but it didn't get super-bad until post-gym, thanks to hitting it earlier with the caffeine & Tylenol) and/or hormonal. I'm just kinda blah and very hyper-sensitive to stimuli (noise in particular - fun with a toddler). I'm trying not to focus on it and the negative thoughts (mostly frustration about the job hunt) it's brought with it. But then, that's the point of this exercise, right? To remember the positive in the face of the negative thoughts.


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