at 6:30ish this evening, we signed the paperwork to make the offer on The House! O has to stop by their office in the morning with our "good faith" deposit, and his cousin (our mortgage broker) will be faxing/e-mailing all the paperwork from his side of things. By close-of-business tomorrow (probably a lot sooner, but that's the deadline), the ball will be rolling yet again. Our buyer's agent doesn't expect they'll even counter our offer. I hope he's right!

Now the waiting game begins again. Things may take an extra day or two longer than they usually would because the sellers are in Florida rather than local.

So glad we got this taken care of today, though. As I've mentioned before, this week is Dress Rehearsal week, so busier than usual. Spending an /extra/ evening out of the house would've been less than ideal. Hopefully the buyer's agent is right and we won't have to meet again to sign counteroffers, etc.

With luck, we'll be moving in August.



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