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( May. 27th, 2009 09:22 am)
I managed to drive myself to and from rehearsal last night (though 2 of my section-mates yelled at me for it; I wouldn't have done it if I didn't feel totally confident that I'd be okay), and I didn't have any trouble standing throughout the rehearsal either. I did sit down once or twice, but it was more preventative than necessity.

This morning I'm feeling a LOT more lucid than I have in several days. I've only had one wave of dizziness at all, and it was milder than I've had in the past. My theory is that this is allergy/sinus-related, and now that I'm back on the Flonase (the last time this happened - though it wasn't as severe - they put me on Flonase to help clear things up), things are improving.

I may, however, keep my appointment for tomorrow anyway. I can still talk to her about the weight issues I'm having.

... and I just had another wave of the dizzies, so it's probably best to talk to her anyway.

I /do/ feel better enough that I'd consider going out for a walk if there weren't a 70-80% chance of rain today. (Which could also explain the improvement in my condition, if I weren't one of those unfortunate types for whom rain makes allergies /worse/.)

In any case, there is a mountain of laundry (which will have to go in the dryer, since I can't hang it outside, bah!) and a sweet Buggie which both need my attention. Bye, all!


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